Network @ noon

The first networking session of 2021!

The warm feeling of sharing experiences at ADM is what I take back to my job

Tom De Leeuw

Stafmedewerker CIO Office, VDAB

ADM Y-board 2021 (1)


The new workplace is not an office - it's people!

What will our workplaces look like in the  (post-corona) future? A worldwide research report by NTT points out the trends!

Expert Group - Privacy & Security

New "share&connect" initiative for experts in the field of privacy & (cyber)security!

Ambassador Workgroup - Communication Platform - 2

Greenyard Website

Luc Verbist: the business transformation of Greenyard

Business transformation: processes, IT and people


Why every company should have a company page on LinkedIn

This is why you should have and maintain a LinkedIn company page!

Y Adm

ADM Y-Board 2021 (2)


Boost your online presentation skills in Teams

No more excuses during online presentations with these tips!


Network @ Noon - March

One dilemma, two rounds, many connections

Expert Group Privacy & Security - Fact Checks, part 2

Fact checking on statements - continuation of the first session (28/1)

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ADM Board meeting 2021 (1)


The Digitalisation of the Belgian Railways

The road to satisfied customers travels through digitalisation

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ADM Y-Board 2021 (3)


Protect the data integrity and quality of your Excel sheets

Tips for improving your Excel sheets

Pexels Samer Daboul 1212818

What we can learn from a digital nomad

Let's be more asynchronous

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ADM Y-Board 2021 (4)

Coming to ADM sessions is a great opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds & organisations, to learn a lot on a wide variety of topics & to share insights with other professionals

Bruno Bogaerts

Head of Interactive Division and of Member of Management Team, B·U·T


Network @ Night - April

Networking: a walk in the park


Creating winning content for LinkedIn

Content is everywhere, you just need to find it.

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Bold & savvy: 3 young CEOs at the table

Dewi Van De Vyver, Alexander Van Laer and Patrick Leysen: 3 young CEOs sharing their professional key learnings.

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ADM Y-Board 2021 (5)

Network @ Noon - May

Hours of inspiration in 60 minutes' time!

Taraand Ciarareading 8233

Health hacks for better productivity

It's about small steps

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Connect with .. John Porter, CEO Telenet

Inspirational interview with John Porter


Examples of privacy by design

Legal background and use cases explained

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ADM Board meeting 2021 (2)

Ambassador meeting 2021/1

We love the input of our members!

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ADM Y-Board 2021 (6)

Midsummer 21

Midsummer networking

At last, we meet again!


Let's deal with digital overload

The only remedy against digital overload? STOP Multitasking - and this is why...

Y-board Team meeting

First Y-board Team meeting to start the new year.

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Mentorship program: the kickoff

The launch of our new Mentorship program!

Network @ Noon: September

Take a small break from work & meet like-minded professionals! This month: Recreational talks

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ADM Board meeting 2021 (3)

Wf Adm Connect With  Michel Halet 93

Connect with... Michel Halet, CEO @ Partena Professional

Our new ADM year has kicked off!

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ADM Y-board 2021 - September

Bi-monthly meeting with Y-board members

How to work more efficiently

Tips to boost your productivity

Inclusion week ( all sessions)

Every day, inspiration for more diversity and inclusion on the work floor.

Inclusion - the vision of deputy prime minister Petra De Sutter

Petra De Sutter, our opening keynote speaker for the ADM Inclusion Week

Inclusion @ BDO

Roadmap for the implementation of an inclusion programme within your organisation.

Inclusion @ Atlas Copco

Examples of different projects promoting an equal opportunity company

Inclusion @ NMBS

An inclusive organisation for employees and clients alike. 

Inclusion @ Belfius

Belfius & Passwerk, using people's strengths to the fullest.

Network @ Noon: October

Take a small break from work & meet like-minded professionals! This month: Business talks

The art of networking

How to connect with others?

Hybrid coffee corner talks

Connect employees, boost team morale and keep your community alive in hybrid workplaces 

Awareness Week: Guard your online security

The importance of cybersecurity & online safety: a week full of inspiration, awareness talks & tips

Stay Alert Lion

Cybersecurity, part of the strategy

It's not a departmental thing, it starts at the top


Cybersecurity and the human factor

Why do we still fall in the same traps?  The psychology behind human error.

Gamve Over

Cybersecurity, tactics and creating awareness

High impact awareness in your company with gamification


Cybersecurity and accidents: the proper reaction

It could happen to you. How do we react as an organization to incidents?


Cybersecurity, what can I do?

Let's strengthen our individual knowledge and learn how to be a bit more secure online.

Unleash your "Powers"

How to make life/work easier with Power Apps and Power Automate

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The 20 minute mentor

Mentoring & networking session for our Y-ADM members

Ambassador meeting: November

Networking & brainstorming with our Ambassadors

Cocreation using canvasses

How to collaborate, get creative and innovate using the right canvasses

Network @ Noon: December

Take a small break from work and meet like-minded professionals! This month: Business talks

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ADM Board meeting 2021 (4)

Schermafbeelding 2021 12 13 101221

Say Cheese!

Better professional pictures for online communication

ADM Y-Board - 2021 - December