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12 February, 2021
11:25 - 12:05 h

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Why every company should have a company page on LinkedIn

We start off with a fun scoop: LinkedIn has changed the layout of their company pages very recently (last week). They are now a tad more in sync with their equivalents on Facebook.

Why you should have and maintain your your company page

Increase your corporate presence. Google doesn't only index your website, but also your LinkedIn company page. You’ll be found a lot more quickly when you have a LinkedIn company page that is up to date.

Showcase your products, your projects and services with affiliate and product pages. These are pages preserved for your products, services or companies linked with you (subsidiaries for example).

Link your employees to your company. This has a great advantage for the employees as well: they will come up in the search results a lot more quickly when they are linked to a company page.

Share all kinds of information (news, jobs, events, information, polls,…) in your content hub and interact with your employees and followers.

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