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Past activities

License to fail

Are you convinced that failing is something negative? You won’t anymore after these tips! 

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From Image to Imagination: Connect with Christian Reinaudo & Caroline Van Rompuy

New technologies forced Agfa Gevaert to look for other business opportunities in order to expand their reach. The digital challenges that accompanied the necessary shift turned out to be a rewarding effort for IT...

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ADM Board meeting

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180613 Laurence Schuurman 1

Be inspired by the Young ICT Lady 2018, Laurence Schuurman

What was that famous saying again? "Save the best 'til last"? We're not claiming that this session topped every single one of our great events in the past year, but those present agreed that Laurence Schuurman made sure that this was a memorable closing of another great year at ADM.

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ADM Reception 2018

What a rollercoaster the past twenty years have been. This year’s annual ADM reception, organized around our twentieth anniversary and hosted by VRT’s ravishing presenter Ihsane Chioua Lekhli, was an opportunity for our network to look back and forward. 

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ADM is a place where you can get new ideas that are directly applicable in your own organisation!

Nancy De Vogelaere


ADM Board meeting

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180607 Social Technologies 1

How Social Technologies can help you create a New Culture

Are Social Technologies and a new business culture a match made in heaven? Our members & partners joined us in De Jachthoorn to get all the answers from Isabel De Clercq, author of "Social Technologies in business"

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Build your business case for an IoT project

"We need an IoT project" is not a good argument when you want to implement IoT in your business. But how do you do it? Where do you start and what do you need to take into account when building a business case? After our first and second sessions on Internet of Things we used this final session to break down the process into 6 steps for our members & partners to follow!

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180419 Speedbowling 1 Medium

We're not speeddating, we're speedbowling!

What happens when you put our board members and Y-ADM'ers together in a bowling alley? You get a lot of fun, some excellent bowling and, most of all, some textbook networking. In short; a great evening was had by all at ADM's first ever Speedbowling!

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Let Philippe De Backer guide you through the new GDPR!

If one of your partners, Deloitte, invites your board-members to come and listen to Philippe De Backer, State Secretary for Privacy, it's simply an offer you can't refuse!  Main theme of the session: the unhyped version of the GDPR story that answered one question: What purpose does the GDPR really serve?

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