23 01 Linked In Webinar

Online: How to rock LinkedIn in 2024

An overview of the newest LinkedIn features, and some tips to stand out from the crowd, by Mic Adam.

Online: AI Act now

Find your way through the AI regulations: how does this impact you?

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Sustainable IT and the Digital Cleanup Challenge

Discover sustainable IT and methods to motivate your employees in becoming digitally sustainable.

Wf ADM VUB 240220 51

Guided visit at VUB AI Xperience Center

Keynote and guided demo tour about the possibilities of AI and Robotics

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Chairman's Cocktail 2024

Exclusive ADM Cocktail event

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Mentorship program: midterm 2024

Mentors & mentees from the ADM mentorship program 2023-2024 reunite and share experiences.

Being a member of ADM is not an Average Daily Membership, it is a great experience expansion

Mic Adam

CEO Vanguard Leadership


Ambassador meeting spring 2024

Meeting & networking activity for ADM Ambassadors

Rf ADM Empowering neurodiversity 70

Empowering neurodiversity: panel discussion

Panel discussion about leveraging diverse minds in the workplace.

CEO Luncheon with Stephanie De Bruyne

Exclusive lunch session with Stephanie De Bruyne, CEO at itsme

Online: GDPR simplified for every professional

GDPR explained for employees.

How to thrive in times of change and uncertainty

This event is especially for young people who struggle with change and finding their place at work without losing sight of what’s important.

Wiring the winning organization with an Agile approach

Join the conversation on how to make change within your organization with an agile approach.

Member Gathering 2024

Annual networking reception for the ADM community