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16 May, 2024
18:15 - 21:00 h

  • Presentation: NL
  • Slides: EN
  • Q&A: NL EN FR


Trianondreef 19
1981  Zemst

How to thrive in times of change and uncertainty

This event is meant for youngsters and it is organised by our Y-board. 

About the session

Change is a never-ending process in life as well as at work. We can’t take away these unavoidable changes, but we can help you handle them.

How, you ask? Enter Nancy De Vogelaere! During an interactive session you will discover:

  • the types of behaviour people show during change,
  • not-so-obvious stress cues and why they are important,
  • the 3 aspects in life (family, social life and work) and a fresh look on “work-life balance” / “life balance and work”.

This event is for young professionals that want to make of change a strength, at work and at home!


Nancy De Vogelaere3

Nancy De Vogelaere, Zaakvoerder bij Dinobusters - Docent Thomas More - Loopbaancoach

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