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26 April, 2024
11:20 - 12:05 h

  • Presentation: NL
  • Slides: EN
  • Q&A: NL EN FR

Online: GDPR simplified for every professional

This event is open to everyone and free for ADM members.

About the session

Let's dive into the world of GDPR! After 5 years of many regulations, we want to make sure you as a professional understand the evolving compliance landscape, and get some insights into this crucial data protection framework.

What you can expect:

  • Understand the balance between marketing and data rights: How to respect privacy while employing effective marketing strategies;
  • Navigating cookie usage on your website;
  • Explore how AI, like ChatGPT, fits into the privacy landscape;
  • Practical tips to protect your own information.


Karolien Van Bel

Meet Karolien Van Bel, managing partner of OLINKO with a focus on GDPR compliancy, Cybersecurity & User Awareness.

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