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6 February, 2024
18:15 - 21:00 h

  • Presentation: NL
  • Slides: EN
  • Q&A: NL EN FR

Darwin Building Niel

Galileilaan 15
2845  Niel

Sustainable IT and the Digital Cleanup Challenge

This event is open for everyone and free for ADM members.

About the session

Ensuring an organized office space is a fundamental practice, yet it begs the question: why do we not extend the same diligence to our digital storage? Every unused file contributes to digital clutter, generating digital pollution and ultimately contributing to carbon dioxide emissions through the electricity consumption of server infrastructure.

The Digital Cleanup Challenge aims to cultivate awareness among individuals and organizations, inspiring action to reduce digital waste. In the realm of digital storage, the adage "less is more" rings true. By minimizing data storage, we make significant strides toward environmental conservation.

Some ideas on how to get started:

  • Establish clear protocols, including designated timeframes, the scope and activities.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate small successes to sustain motivation.
  • Trial & error, exploring novel approaches to engage employees in the cleanup process.

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Download the presentation

More information about the Digital Cleanup Day from ISIT

Guidelines for the Digital Cleanup Day for companies


Florence Clauss

Florence Clauss, Green ICT Program Manager at Infrabel

Lisa Legrand

Lisa Legrand, Senior Consultant at ngage, Sustainable IT Lead

Sven Leen

Sven Leën, Senior Manager at ngage, Sustainability Lead

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