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10 September, 2024
18:15 - 21:00 h

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How an Olympic mindset can impact your professional career

This event is open for everyone and free for ADM members.

About this session

We're opening the new year with an homage to the more than 50 Belgian Olympic athletes that will compete in Paris this summer. 

Becoming an Olympian requires discipline, resilience and perseverance. Have you noticed that these are some of the same qualities that make you a better professional? Cédric Van Branteghem, CEO at BOIC, shares real life stories of how Olympians handle their setbacks and how they get into the Olympic mindset. 

These stories also apply to everyday life, and they will help you grow in your professional career. 


Cedric Van Branteghem

Cédric Van Branteghem, CEO at Team Belgium (Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee)

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