Data: big-bigger-biggest

The hype around Big Data led us to believe that it is all about big technology. Big mistake – as we learned during the first ADM session on this topic.

"Appreciative Inquiry" to plan your change process

Appreciative inquiry is not a fixed methodology for change management, it’s rather an attitude to help people and organisations move forward and take the right decisions.

The Future of Work - Patrick De Maeseneire

After Ronnie Leten in September, we now had the privilege of meeting another international CEO with Belgian roots. Patrick De Maeseneire has been Chief Executive Officer of Adecco since June 2009.

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When 3D meets business

“Impressive” and “Wow” were undoubtedly the words we heard most during our visit to Materialise on 26 February 2015.

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Growth Hacking

When looking up “growth hacking”, chances are that the name of Omar Mohout pops up. After the joint session by ADM, Netwerk Ondernemen and Telenet Idealabs on 2 March we definitely know why.

ADM (& Y-ADM) is a great place to network & learn from eachother

Sanne Vermeiren

ICT Young Lady 2019

ADM Annual Reception 2015

The annual ADM reception of 2015 proved once again that our connections make the difference. Both in work and life.

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Enabling business with the new regulation on electronic identification and trust services

“A boring piece of legal text about a topic that creates exciting business opportunities” – that was Patrick Van Eecke’s introduction to what turned out to be a very interesting info session on the eIDAS Regulation (Regulation on use of eID card and etrust services)

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Service design thinking: designing the customer experience

“Service Design Thinking is more about DOING & MAKING than thinking and meeting” was one of the quotes Jürgen Tanghe (Crossroad Consulting) and Tine Peeters (Studio Dott.) used to kick off the workshop about Service Design Thinking.

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Better Decision Taking

We gathered in the colourful lounge of the Vlerick Management school in Brussels, where professor emeritus Marc Buelens was going to tell us more about his book ‘Bye Bye Management’.

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On Thursday 17 September we gathered in the legendary KBVB building in Brussels with Jan De Schepper and Paul Van Den Bosch who were there to present the book "Kopmannen".

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Service design thinking: designing the customer experience (2)

At the beginning of our new year we start off with the second workshop on Service Design Thinking. Jürgen Tanghe (Crossroad Consulting) and Tine Peeters (Studio Dott.) kicked off the session by saying "think with your hands!" and that's exactly what the participants did!

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Stop Hiding Behind Your Privacy Policy: Building Consumer Trust

Another week, another ADM session! This time, Business Faculty was the operating base where we all gathered to learn more about privacy and how it should be used for a good user experience (UX).

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Value of (big) data for business

(Big) Data is a hype, no doubt about that. Making good use of the available data to improve your business processes, that is the real key to success.

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Innovating the printing industry

On 22 October Agfa Graphics opened its doors to our ADM members who were given an exclusive behind the scenes look at how Agfa is still innovating the printing industry. And we were certainly not disappointed!

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Your employees are your best ambassadors, also on social media

On 24 November Business Faculty was our operating base for the info session on Employee Advocacy. Those who were present will agree that it was definitely worth the trip to the Brussels area. Using different cases, the speakers from RealDolmen, BBDO and Microsoft explained what it means to be a brand advocate. 

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Spreading the innovation mindset

On Thursday 15 December Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT) opened its doors to the legendary Marconi Studio for our final event of 2015. During this session on innovation, speakers from VRT, Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis and Sumi joined us to tell us more on how they try to implement innovation in their company nowadays.