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Discover new realities

Our members were invited to experience Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality first-hand and imagine what it could mean for their business.

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On the couch with the CIO & ICT woman of the year

Herman De Prins (CIO of the year) & Annemie Depuydt (ICT woman of the year) took the time for a short talk with Kristof Van der Stadt (Editor in chief, Data News). We gave them a seat on our couch and asked them what it means to be a CIO in two completely different organisations.

You can talk to companies in your own sector, but also to companies from other sectors

Rita Verreydt

Advisor & CEO, Uptime Group

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How to implement Digital Transformation in your company culture

"Human = Primary, Technology = Secondary" was one of the main messages heard throughout every case at this event. Our members gathered to listen to different speakers who shared their story on the successes and struggles they encountered when implementing Digital Transformation in their organisations.

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Connect with Start-Ups @StartupVillage

Join us for a unique opportunity to connect with young & promising Start-Ups & share experiences that will help your own business grow!

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ADM reception 2017

Change starts with you! The global speaker and author of 4 books, Cyriel Kortleven, literally explained where to find the bananas in your working environment and how to use innovation and creativity to get rid of them. Moreover, he invites you to apply the Yes And Act manifesto! The AED-studios perfectly fitted the tall and small ladders Cyriel climbed when awakening the creativity potential in people.

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Light beyond illumination

Philips Lighting Belgium is currently working very hard on a big Digital Transformation. Our members & partners joined together at the headquarters in Brussels to listen to Gert Roeckx (Country Manager, Philips Lighting). In his story - and during an exclusive tour of the Philips Lighting offices - he shared how Philips Lighting has reinvented itself to remain a pioneer in the lighting business

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Drones create value for your business

ADM joined forces with Agoria for an exclusive half day CxO experience at DronePort (Sint-Truiden). 

ADM Board Meeting

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Connect with the Manager of the Year, Bart De Smet

September has arrived and with it the start of our 20th ADM year. We kicked off the new year with a bang; Data News' manager of the year, Bart De Smet joined us to share his values and keys to success.

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Be part of the 'young ADM'!

"A warm, welcoming and familiar environment!"  & "ADM is a perfect place to network for a young professional!" were only a few of the positive remarks given by our young participants on 5 October. We gave them the chance to meet a few of the ADM board members and discover the true meaning of our tagline "Share & Connect". 

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The business impact of IoT

The internet of things (IoT) is one of the more recent buzzwords in ICT, so obviously we at ADM want to inform our members & partners on the what, the where and the how. This session gave us just that.

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Connect with Start-Ups & Ronnie Leten @CORDA campus

CORDA houses over 200 great scale-ups & starters on their campus in Hasselt. Our partners & members were invited to meet a few of them together with Ronnie Leten (ex-Atlas Copco) and they were not left wanting!

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Creating IOT Product-Service-Systems

How do you implement IoT in your own organisation? Where do you begin? Under the guidance of three experts our members & partners gathered at the AE headquarters for a great workshop where all those questions and more were answered!

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Build the "Young ADM" with us!

What happens when you put our Young ADM professionals in one room? They generate great ideas for new ADM sessions! 

ADM Board meeting