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8 February, 2017
18:00 - 21:30 h

AED studios - Studio Six

Fabriekstraat 38
2547  Lint

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On the couch with the CIO & ICT woman of the year

Being a CIO = creating "happy teams"

Herman De Prins (CIO of the year) & Annemie Depuydt (ICT woman of the year) took the time for a short talk with Kristof Van der Stadt (Editor in chief, Data News). We gave them a seat on our couch and asked them what it means to be a CIO in two completely different organisations.

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One thing was clear from the start, a CIO does not have just one jobdescription! There are a lot of similarities but also a few key differences in the approach of Herman and Annemie. A few examples:

  • What does the I in CIO stand for these days? Is the CIO evolving into the "Innovation Officer"?
    Annemie Depuydt (KU Leuven): The CIO is responsible for everything that is mentioned between the ‘C’ and the ‘O’ be it Integration or Digital or Technology or….
    Herman De Prins (UCB): we do not innovate (new medication) but our contribution to it becomes much higher…
  • Is the CIO a generalist or a specialist?
    Annemie Depuydt (KU Leuven): a generalist that is surrounded by specialists
    Herman De Prins (UCB): everybody becomes a specialist until a certain level of knowledge
  • What is the personal profile of the CIO?
    Annemie Depuydt (KU Leuven): The person in the organisation that is capable of taking decisions faster and faster
    Herman De Prins (UCB): it is like sailing: you want to arrive at the other side of the water but the path that leads to it is less structured.
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Of course there are also a lot of similarities in Annemie & Herman's day to day jobs. Here are some of the main takebacks on what's the same in both their careers:

  • They both launch an awful lot of projects in a year. Emphasis is on ‘added value’ and cost comes in the second place.
  • The work that Annemie and Herman do focuses on ‘happy teams’. It's important to generate enthusiasm
  • Use of new technologies such as AI, machine learning, chatbot: perfect for primary school for mathematics and to learn to read… and the cost of the technology is much lower than expected. This combined with open source technology is a game changer.
  • It's important to keep creating room to experiment, to make mistakes, to develop new products and solutions
  • People management is still key! But focus is much more on being inspirational, situational coaching, preaching, ‘enthuse’ the team
  • Creating new technologies is all about ‘trust’: be it the balance between security and ease of use,  blockchain applications, sharing of data etc.
  • There are still not enough women working in IT and this needs to be a point to focus on in the future

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Interview with Herman De Prins (CIO of the year) & Annemie Depuydt (ICT woman of the year) by Kristof Van der Stadt (Editor in chief, Data News)




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