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26 January, 2017
17:30 - 21:30 h


Molenberglei 4
2627  Schelle

Discover new realities

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Take your reality to the next level!

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Apart from the obvious use in gaming; augmented, virtual and mixed reality can have numerous applications in a business world. 20 of our members/partners were invited at  B·U·T to discover how these innovative technologies can be implemented in their day to day life ànd job!

To maximize the experience during this interactive session, our members split into two smaller groups and switched halfway through the session. The first group was left in the care of Bruno Bogaerts and Cindy Verbeemen. Together they guided us through the different technologies (360° video, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality) that are available on the market these days and how they can be used to create an added value for every business. If you'd like to learn more, head over to the Related tab to download the presentation (for members only after login) by Bruno & Cindy or watch the videos used during the event.

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Tom De Smet Tom Goethals handled the second part of this interactive session. Tom De Smet took the time to tell us a bit more about the Oculus Rift. During this demo our participants had the unique opportunity to try a game & test the Oculus Rift + touch to its fullest potential.

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In B·U·T's green key studio our members were introduced the HTC Vive by Tom Goethals. From flying from city to city in an instant, testing the Atlas Copco virtual reality demo or even creating your own artwork in 3D; the possibilities were endless and our members could not have been more excited!

Relive the session!

If you would like to learn more on the presentation (available for download for members only) ànd the videos used be sure to head over to the Related tab. 

Stefan Kerkhof, Marketing Student at Karel de Grote Hogeschool & editor for The School of Marketing, joined us for this session and put his experiences in a short blog for you to enjoy

Feel free to take a look at all the pictures that were taken during the session. You can find them on the Pictures tab.

You can also relive the event with this great videoreport of the evening!

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Discover more on what 360° video is & how it can help your business grow (+ video used during presentation) on the  B·U·T website

Discover more on what Augmented Reality is & how it can help your business grow (+ video used during presentation) on the B·U·T website

Discover more on what Virtual Reality is & how it can help your business grow (+ video used during presentation) on the B·U·T website

Discover more on Mixed Reality with this short video on the Microsoft Hololens which was presented during the session by B·U·T 

Here are two videos on Augmented Reality given to us by Carl Callewaert (VDAB), one of the participants of the session:

Video on Hyundai's user manual in Augmented Reality.

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