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3 May, 2017
18:30 - 21:30 h

Philips Lighting

Tweestationsstraat 80
1070  Brussel

Parking is available behind the Philips building (accessible on the right hand side of the building).

Public transport

The train station Brussels-South is situated within walking distance (+/- 600m) of the Philips Buidling. 

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Light beyond illumination

Philips Lighting: Creating brighter lives!

Philips Lighting Belgium is currently working very hard on a big Digital Transformation. Our members & partners joined together at the headquarters in Brussels to listen to Gert Roeckx (Country Manager, Philips Lighting). In his story - and during an exclusive tour of the Philips Lighting offices - he shared how Philips Lighting has reinvented itself to remain a pioneer in the lighting business

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Gert Roeckx - Country Manager Philips Lighting

Philips in Belgium is about ‘Connected Lighting’. This transformation is visible to all its employees, partners & distributors and even more, they want to go ‘end-to-end’. In other words the green light for the ‘circular economy’ has been given. The participants to the event were deeply impressed by Gert (Roeckx)’s contribution. The ‘HUE’ also attracted a lot of attention. It is not only the emanation of Philips’ transformed image, it flawlessly represents the new credo and vision of Philips Connected Lighting ‘create brighter lives with quality light that improves people’s wellbeing, safety and productivity’

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The # 1 Brand in LED and Connected Lighting’s hold their Headquarters in Brussels whereas ‘Modular’ has its premises in Roeselare and the factory is still located in Turnhout.

Lighting represents 20% of the worldwide electricity consumption whereas LED technology and smart controls can save up to 80% of electricity consumption. Population is growing by 81 million people/year meaning more light consumption. Everybody knows there are challenges regarding the provision of energy efficient light and the tendency is to increase digital light. Philips Lighting wants to take light beyond illumination thus improving lives and unlocking new experiences and value. 

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It's all about:

  • making life at home easier, better, and more personal with the best lighting experiences
  • reducing energy use and carbon footprint everywhere to create a sustainable environment
  • empowering cities to become safe, live-able, futureproof and sustainable
  • optimizing building and business operations, improving workers’ productivity and well-being
  • improving industry’s efficiency and safety, optimizing operations
  • enhancing the experience for fans in a sports arena with flexible lighting
  • creating dynamic, personalized shopping experiences with connected systems

It is all about contributing to the ‘better’ feeling wherever you are (home, business, leisure) or whatever you do (work, relax, enjoy). Therefor the Philips Lighting’s vision: create brighter lives with quality light that improves people’s wellbeing, safety and productivity.

At the same time Philips Lighting is moving from a ‘linear only’ to a combination of ‘linear and circular economy’. While the customer pays for performance Philips Lighting provides services in order to optimize the residual value and avoid waste. For the customer this implies no upfront investment, significant savings (electricity, depreciation), optional energy management by Philips, future proof technology and low environmental footprint. It goes without saying this has a major impact on the business plans and design of the products & solutions. All stakeholders in the supply chain have to collaborate differently while thinking of the reverse logistics as of the design of the product. 

Conclusion: Philips has developed new business models to obtain their goals in improving everybody’s live by means of Lighting and it looks good! 

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