18:00 - 22:00, Lint

ADM reception 2017

On invitation only

Have you found the ladders & bananas in your company?

Change starts with you! The global speaker and author of 4 books, Cyriel Kortleven, literally explained where to find the bananas in your working environment and how to use innovation and creativity to get rid of them. Moreover, he invites you to apply the Yes And Act manifesto! The AED-studios perfectly fitted the tall and small ladders Cyriel climbed when awakening the creativity potential in people.

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Cyriel Kortleven during his presentation "Ladders & Bananas"

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Chairman Jan De Schepper opening the ADM Reception

The night was kicked off by our Chariman Jan De Schepper. In his presentation he confronted polarisation, populism, terrorism, narcissism, war, poverty and burn-out with the brutal facts. Conclusion is to remain positive, keep faith in the new generation and only follow ‘real’ leaders. In other words ‘share and connect’.

Over 400 of our members & partners subscribed to the yearly reception on 27 April 2017! Cyriel Kortleven in the setting of real film studio’s eating bananas and climbing ladders proved to be a hit. Participants gladly joined the interactive test with their neighbours using ideaboosters’ cards while ‘Rakeling’ was the new learning of the event!

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Welcome by Jan De Schepper, Chairman ADM


Presentation "Ladders & Bananen" by Cyriel Kortleven


Closing remarks by Marina De Moerlooze, ADM


Networking buffet

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