18:00 - 22:00, Brussels

ADM Annual Reception 2015

On invitation only

People are your most important asset.

ADM has been standing tall for 17 years, yet its members never run out of things to say. ‘The network always wins’, claims general manager Ingrid Hoffman, inspired by Peter Hinssen and adding that ‘people are the network’. 

As Jan De Schepper, chairman of ADM, rightly puts, corporate culture has never been more important. A CEO is expected to be more than a mere boss; he has to work hard with his employees to make the most of their talent. For the company’s sake, but also for theirs. In Belgium, annual costs related to stress and burn-out arise to approximately 4 billion euros. The number is growing alarmingly fast.

ADM invited Wouter Torfs to guide us through a new way of working, avoiding the traps that modern day society laid out. He captivated the attention of the audience with his inspiring keynote.

Videoreport with Wouter Torfs

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Hôtel De La Poste

Havenlaan 88
88, Avenue du port
1000 Brussels

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