16:30 - 20:30, Brussel

Stop Hiding Behind Your Privacy Policy: Building Consumer Trust

Great user experience at the Privacy vs UX session

Another week, another ADM session! This time, Business Faculty was the operating base where we all gathered to learn more about privacy and how it should be used for a good user experience (UX).

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The session was kicked off by our Programme Manager, Peter Berghmans, with a short introduction on "trust in the era of disruptive innovation". A very interesting presentation with lots of facts and confronted us with a number of innovative sites that we (don't) trust! If you'd like to know more about the presentation be sure to check out his slides in the related documents tab. One thing from the introduction we would surely like to recommend taking a look at is the "Edelman trust barometer".

After captivating the audience with his introduction, Peter handed the stage to Ann Wuyts (Collibra) who gave us more insight on how privacy and UX go together in our modern day society. Using Presenterswall, the audience was asked to actively participate in the session and give their opinion on trust&UX in their own company environment.

Pieter Lesage (Studio Dott.) was then asked to link all the theory presented by Ann Wuyts to real life cases. Studio Dott has been involved in all sorts of innovative projects over the years and so Pieter gave an interesting insight on how privacy issues can pop up everywhere and are a problem that concerns everyone. This was perfectly illustrated in a short video showing an old man facing day to day problems concerning technology and how it invades his life. If you'd like to know more about Pieter's cases, be sure to check out the presentation in the related documents tab or visit the Studio Dott. website for more innovative projects.

Relive the evening via Storify

You can download the presentation by Peter Berghmans from the “Related” section on this page.

All pictures of the evening can be found under the "Pictures" tab. 

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