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30 April, 2021
11:25 - 12:05 h

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Creating winning content for LinkedIn

What should I post next on LinkedIn? Will my followers even read it? And why is it so hard to find new content? During this session with Mic Adam, we were given a lot of great tips on how to find and create winning content on LinkedIn. Here are some of his tips...

Content is everywhere

One of the many problems we all seem to face, is finding the right content. But content is all around you. The only thing you need is to open your mind (and eyes).  
When you know where to look, you'll discover that there's loads of content just laying there to be used. Here are some examples: 
• Use and reuse the content on your website/blog/... 
• Questions your customers ask you: why not share the answers with everyone? 
• How-to's, tips and lists you may have 
• A look behind the scenes in your office/organization

The magic formula

Although there is no such thing as a perfect post or magic formula for your posts, LinkedIn does like some types of posts more than others.  
LinkedIn prefers only 3 hashtags over 5 or 7. It also is a big fan of media (PDF, video, photo,…). If you want to know what is the best timing to post, you need to find out when your target group is on LinkedIn. There is no specific preferred timing, so try and experiment with different timings (maybe even a Sunday).  

Plan ahead

Your best ideas come when you least expect it!  Get yourself a small notebook, or download an app on your phone. Write down all your small ideas. Reserve about an hour a week to transform your ideas into posts and plan them in your calendar. You can use tools like Hootsuite for that, but a Word document is just as good (as long as it works for you). 
Don't think you need to write and create everything on your own. Ask colleagues to help you come up with content or even let them write something. 

Simple things

We all know the struggle: trying to get all that info in that tiny post. Well, just stop putting every single detail into your posts. Keep your content snackable, with just one main idea or message per post. The advantage: your one post with 5 tips now becomes 5 posts with one tip each! 
And don't forget the power of repetition. People forget what you wrote 5 months ago, so recycle your content: it makes your message stick. 

Before you change up your whole social media strategy because of this read, we want you to take away this: always give value to your audience. 

Watch the full session

Mic Adam gave us many great tips. Want to hear all of his advice? Head over to the related tab to watch the session or download his presentation.

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