The new workplace is not an office - it's people!

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What will YOUR workplace(s) look like in the future? 

87.7% of organizations agree that COVID-19 has fundamentally changed best practices for workplace processes, methodologies, locations and designs.

The world of work is facing a watershed. The current situation has compelled enterprises to reimagine the workplace: where it is, what it looks like and, most importantly, whom it is for. The understanding that work is something you do, not just a place you go to, is driving organizations to reshape workspaces to facilitate activity-based working.
Using work-from-anywhere as a cornerstone, they can create workplace strategies that give people the flexibility and choice to work in an environment best suited to the task at hand.

Philippe Urbain (Vice President Europe) and Jeff De Graef (Director Intelligent Workplace and Customer Experience) will share the insightful (and sometimes surprising) results from the 2020 Intelligent Workplace Report by NTT.