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Network @ Noon: October

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Network@noon sessions have the purpose to bring together professionals from different backgrounds to 'share & connect' to the fullest.  

You'll meet other professionals in an informal way, allowing you to learn from others, share knowledge and build a trusted network. A great way to have a meaningful and fun lunch break! And there's no need to hop in your car, as these sessions are online. 

We switch up the format and networking activity every time, so each month will be different! 

This month: Business talks

This months' activity: is there such a thing as 'back to normal' or 'back to work'?

After months of teleworking, isolations and restrictions, we are slowly rebooting our old lives. We will discuss how life and work is organized after (or better: with) Corona. How much of the old life is left? What challenges do you face in your organization and how did you tackle them? How do employees embrace these changes? 

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