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Inclusion @ Belfius

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We live in a society that is becoming more and more diverse. But being inclusive is so much more than being diverse…
Inclusion is embracing each others' differences and looking for connections beyond those differences. It's creating equal opportunities and allowing equal access for everyone, irrespective of race, gender, background, disability or specific needs. With Inclusion Week, we aim to create awareness and inspire you on how things can be done differently.

Today's session

Each individual has talents, regardless of background, race, specific needs,… When we hear the case of Passwerk and Belfius, we will learn how they use the power and strengths of people with autism spectrum profile to their fullest potential.

About Passwerk:

Passwerk uses the qualities of people with an autism spectrum profile and a normal level of intelligence to test software, develop software, Business Intelligence (SAS & Power BI) and perform quality assurance tasks. Their professional job coaching allows the employees' unique talents to come into their own.

Since it's founding in 2008, through a well-considered combination of customisation and competence management, the company has been successful in allowing more and more people with autism to take their deserved place in the regular labour market.

Passwerk's ambitions are certainly not purely financial/economic. The motivation of this specific model is to employ as many people with autism as possible within the regular labour market and to do everything that can increase this number.

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