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1 June, 2021
19:00 - 20:00 h

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Connect with .. John Porter, CEO Telenet

The business Telenet is providing is one of a kind: people are using these products & services from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to sleep. Telenet understands the impact this has on customers and the responsibility that comes with it. The vision and strategy of Telenet focus on the customers – be it residential and/or business – offering them a ‘connected experience’ and added value.

Acceleration & culture

Covid has been an accelerator. People working from home have experienced the real value of their connectivity. It’s impressive to see all employees from all different backgrounds and roles giving their best effort and commitment, even during these hard times.

All this is possible because Telenet understands the importance of culture. You need a culture where everyone holds each other accountable, where you have the right people on the right seats on the bus, where you have shared values and a structure that fits the entire company. Have this and you are set to do anything you want to achieve.

“Guys, it’s not that we’re in a nuclear war, it’s TV. If we’re not having fun, nobody’s going to have fun with our products.”

John Porter

CEO Telenet

Transformation & having fun

Whereas other companies might go for a ‘fast-follower’-profile, Telenet wants to offer advanced technology and applications to the users as a ‘forerunner’. The DNA of Telenet is leaving everyone else in the dust. Their transformation project has re-organized the company, but most of all the way people work together. ‘Fun’ is an important value in the company because having fun is at the basis of sharing fun…

Responsibilities & purpose

One of the core principles at Telenet is a responsibility towards stakeholders that goes beyond profit. Challenged by employees, customers, and shareholders, and themselves, the company has grasped the opportunity to become more purposeful: being engaged with communities and society, making a difference that maybe others can’t. They are providing help in the digital divide and are differentiating in the human touch through different programs: Schools & families with extra hardware, customers giving extra information on how to work in a secure environment, small companies having to develop an online strategy receive advice on building a website,…

“We want customers for life. People have to believe that they are safe with us and will not be left out.”

Purpose and sustainability are based on real partnerships with customers, suppliers, and all stakeholders. John states: we are in the business of rightsizing the relationship with our customers…

The whole interview is available here.

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Inspiring interview with John Porter, CEO of Telenet

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