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Mentorship program: Midterm

Reunion for mentors and mentees from the ADM Mentorship Program after the first 6 months

Cover Roundtable Bosa

Round table: the sustainable office

What small items can we implement to evolve towards a more sustainable organization?


Mercy Ships visit

Visit to new Global Mercy with the members of the board

ADM helps people to develop professional and personal skills

Lucia Van de Ginste

HR-manager, INNOCOM

Hardware Care

Hardware care tips for every professional

How to really care for your (professional) devices

Technopolis 0217 17

Connect with Stephane Berghmans, CEO Technopolis

How Technopolis is transforming into a smart building.


The LinkedIn Algorithm

The secret formula unveiled...

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The Social Cure: from connection to health

Why social engagement is beneficial for your health.

ADM Y-Board - 2021 - December

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Say Cheese!

Better professional pictures for online communication

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ADM Board meeting 2021 (4)

Network @ Noon: December

Take a small break from work and meet like-minded professionals! This month: Business talks

Cocreation using canvasses

How to collaborate, get creative and innovate using the right canvasses

Ambassador meeting: November

Networking & brainstorming with our Ambassadors

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The 20 minute mentor

Mentoring & networking session for our Y-ADM members

Unleash your "Powers"

How to make life/work easier with Power Apps and Power Automate


Cybersecurity, what can I do?

Let's strengthen our individual knowledge and learn how to be a bit more secure online.


Cybersecurity and accidents: the proper reaction

It could happen to you. How do we react as an organization to incidents?

Gamve Over

Cybersecurity, tactics and creating awareness

High impact awareness in your company with gamification


Cybersecurity and the human factor

Why do we still fall in the same traps?  The psychology behind human error.

You can talk to companies in your own sector, but also to companies from other sectors

Rita Verreydt

Advisor & CEO, Uptime Group

Stay Alert Lion

Cybersecurity, part of the strategy

It's not a departmental thing, it starts at the top

Awareness Week: Guard your online security

The importance of cybersecurity & online safety: a week full of inspiration, awareness talks & tips

Hybrid coffee corner talks

Connect employees, boost team morale and keep your community alive in hybrid workplaces 

The art of networking

How to connect with others?

Network @ Noon: October

Take a small break from work & meet like-minded professionals! This month: Business talks

Inclusion @ Belfius

Belfius & Passwerk, using people's strengths to the fullest.

Inclusion @ NMBS

An inclusive organisation for employees and clients alike. 

Inclusion @ Atlas Copco

Examples of different projects promoting an equal opportunity company

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