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It's been over two years, but we can finally announce the date of the ADM reception: June 7th.

This reception is dedicated to human and social relations. In these changing and often unpredictable times the importance of the social and human aspect has been made clear once again. And that is exactly why the ADM reception of this year is all about “The human factor”.

Keynote Speaker


Karen Pesse, Digital Advisor EMEA @ Microsoft and founder of DiversiBe

Karen is a Latin American businesswoman based in Brussels, Belgium. As a Digital Advisor, Karen advises C-level on company strategy, focused on digital strategy and transformation. Besides Microsoft, Karen is also devoted to increasing the representation of people with a migration background in top management. Through her work at DiversiBe, she has supported women transitioning to careers in tech, in corporate organizations such as Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, Bain & Company, and others.

"I support people with a migration background to transition into such roles because I had to do it myself, and it felt almost impossible. In fact, if you're not at the right spot at the right time, with the right sponsor, it is probably impossible". Since she started her career, she has been working on AI bias awareness, best practices for leadership, and tech for good. Her work in technology and NGOs granted her more than 20 honors and awards, including ICT Lady of the Year, Top 50 Digital Transformation, and Belgium 40 under 40.

ADM welcome talk

Jan De Schepper, Ingrid Hoffman & Karolien Bollen talk about "The human factor of ADM".


Welcome drink


"The human factor of ADM", by Jan De Schepper, Ingrid Hoffman & Karolien Bollen


"Every closed door opens a new one", by Karen Pesse, Digital Advisor EMEA @ Microsoft


Networking reception

Docks Dome Brussels

Lambermontlaan 1
1000 Brussel

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