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21 March, 2023
11:20 - 12:05 h

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Online: High performance leadership essentials

This event is open for everyone to join and free for ADM members!

About the session

We live in a new world. A world where speed, innovation and results are crucial for remaining relevant as a leader, an organization, and maybe even more as a person. If you want to keep on performing, you’ll need to do this in a sustainable way (i.e. you’re in it for the long run). Easier said than done…

What are the most common challenges leaders face in these unpredictable times? We always discover the same themes: lack of time, lack of mental rest, lack of communication and lack of ownership of co-workers. And all this has an impact on your fulfillment as a leader.

Despite all productivity tools & training, meditation apps, team building activities,... these challenges remain. And why? Because we tend to act as human beings, from certain beliefs and often instinctively, which makes us blind to the improvement we can make ourselves. In order to find (and fix) these blind spots, you need tools – essentials. And that is exactly what you’ll be discovering during this session!



Sarah Debaets

Sarah Debaets, high-performance leadership coach and founder of Rethinking Leadership, hands you some of the most common high-performance leadership essentials to work with yourself.


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