The perks of having an external mentor

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Have you ever wondered:

  • What would somebody with more experience do when confronted with my challenges?
  • Wouldn't it be great to have a sounding board outside my own organisation? Somebody neutral to whom I can ventilate. But where to find this kind of person?
  • I'm working in a fast-changing environment and feel a strong need to sit back and regularly reflect on the way to go but do not know how to make time for this?

In all these cases, you need a mentor, that’s for sure! An experienced leader with tons of knowledge, experience and wisdom who helps you get over your hurdles by giving you practical advice that you put immediately into practice.

Curious to discover the power of mentoring? Don’t hesitate and enrol for this unique event.

About this session

Gerrit Sarens, CEO Ambits will not only talk about the advantages of having an external mentor. He will also invite some 15-20 seasoned Ambits mentors who can give you a flavour of what a mentoring session is like.

Just experience it yourself!

About Gerrit Sarens

Gerrit Sarens

All-round entrepreneur with strong academic roots having been a tenured Professor at several national and international universities for over 10 years.

Hands-on experience as Consultant, Coach and Director in diverse organizational contexts.

Proven mentoring experience in diverse fields.

Strong interest in leadership challenges. Clear vision on the way forward in aligning people and business.

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