18:30 - 21:30, Zemst

Are you ready to rumble? Digital Transformation vs Organisational Culture!

3-2-1 Figh... DISCUSS!

Things were heating up at GC De Melkerij! Our members & partners were given controversial quotes, questions, statements on the subject of digital transformation & organisational culture. They picked a side on each of the topics and we put them in the ring to let them "sort out" which side is right.

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Our referee for the evening, Peter Poeck (Business Consultant Applications, Cegeka) started the session with 8 controversial videoquotes on digital transformation & organisational culture. Using our polling tool, Sli.Do, our members & partners had to pick a side on each topic that was presented. That's where the fun began!

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Out of the 8 videos, our jury choose the 5 topics/questions with the greatest polarisation for our participants to discuss:

  • Are young professionals more "digital savvy"?
  • Are Social Technologies a blessing or a curse?
  • Do we need to expect (total) flexibility from employees or does the employer (& employee together) have the responsibility to create a good Work-Life Balance?
  • Should Digital Transformation be implemented "Top - Down" or "Bottom-Up" in an organisation?
  • What's more important? Organisational Culture or a strong Strategy?

Which side would you choose?
Want to learn more on what was discussed? Head over to the Related tab & download the full report (in Dutch) on everything that was said by our participants.

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Relive the session!

Be sure to head over to the Pictures tab and have a look at the pictures that were taken during the event.

Want to learn more on everything that was discussed during the fight? Head over to the Related tab & download the full report (in Dutch) on everything that was said by our participants.

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Welcome & registration


Introduction by ADM


Setting the scene & explaining the rules of the fight by Peter Poeck (Cegeka) 


Main event: Battle between Digital Transformation & organisational culture


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