ADM Board visit to Microsoft Executive Briefing Center

On invitation only

Discovering the applications of tomorrow

At ADM we carry our mission (Share (knowledge) & Connect (with people)) close to heart and our Board members proved that that also applies to them! Following the Board Meeting of 15 March, they were introduced to interesting applications of innovative technologies in the newly renovated Microsoft Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in the heart of Brussels. 

180315 Rv Bmicrosoft Ebc 1

If you ever have the chance, be sure to visit the newly renovated Microsoft EBC and discover tons of interesting new technologies! During their short visit, our ADM board had the chance to learn more about a few products & services:

Power BI

Power BI is a handy tool to explore information in data. There's no need to program the requests - just ask. 

Intelligent Kiosk

During their visit our board members got some inspiration for applications using “cognitive services” : using data analytics in an intelligent way. 
They got a demo of the intelligent kiosk which is especially developed to show the wide range of possibilities of cognitive services. Be sure to take a look at this interesting blog if you want to learn more about the Intelligent Kiosk resources and how to access, customize  and incorporate it into your demos and offerings. 

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After all that technical stuff our board members were treated to a hands-on session using the Microsoft Hololens and discover the endless possibilities that this tool offers.
It can be used in many applications , especially where real live presence is not possible: training, repair, interventions... Microsoft is increasingly focussing on medical applications: doctors training, testing before difficult operation, remote assistance... 

Surface Hub

Microsoft wouldn't be Microsoft if they didn't save the best for last: The Surface hub: a very large (touch)screen allowing teams in different places to collaborate efficiently (and wireless). A real treat for our board members to play with!

Microsoft Executive Briefing Center

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