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20 October, 2020
17:15 - 18:45 h

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ADM Ambassador Meeting

On invitation only

We officially started our Ambassador program. And this was our first ADM Ambassador meeting! Online, since we have no other way, but nonetheless a very valuable session… 

Netwerken Erna

Get a feeling of ADM 

A lot of you already know ADM and already participated in multiple sessions. Some of you were new to the neighbourhood. We introduced ADM, what we stand for and what activities we organise. That way, every ambassador starts with the same information. 

An Ambassador’s life for me 

Being an Ambassador means you have a big heart for ADM. It means we have a big heart for you as well! To help you understand your role, we explained what it means to be an Ambassador. Because we are in this together, we got you a fabulous Starterkit and some extra tools to help you on your way. 

Find out all about Ambassadors here.

Ambassadors, it’s up to you   

ADM has talked a lot, but now it’s up to our Ambassadors to do the talking! In groups of 4 people, we asked them to give us input about our events and our communication. We heard a lot of interesting and useful feedback. As mentioned during the presentation, we will gather all input and let our Ambassadors vote on the items they find most important. 

We end the session with a lot of ideas and advice. Because ADM wants you to connect the most you can, we held a small networking talk afterwards. 

All information you need to know

In the related section you will find the presentation. Or visit our Ambassador page for even more information. 

Triggered by this session and eager to become an Ambassador yourself? Just send an e-mail to team@adm.be

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