Why ADM?

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Does the digital world look daunting? Of course it does! The ever-faster leaps of technology are hard to keep up with. Disruption is all around, and it’s mostly beyond our control. So how do we stay on top? How do we become future-proof and make the digital era work for us? The ADM network is the perfect place to look for answers.

A solid platform

ADM is a safe haven in all the digital commotion. It’s a fertile soil where cross-pollination takes place: ideas, insights and experiences from diverse ecosystems meet, creating a unique chemistry. This will help you grow the digital knowledge that will advance your business.

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What to expect

All our lectures, workshops and networking activities are non-commercial. They are selected to be relevant, pragmatic and value-adding. Discover new digital business opportunities, get your head around new trends and see the benefits of digital-human interface
Oh, and did we mention we have a weak spot for young professionals?

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5 reasons to become an ADM member

  1. Spread your wings in a cross-disciplinary network
  2. Get wise on relevant content, served up in a fun way
  3. Subscribe as a company and get access for all your employees, levels and departments
  4. Score points as an employer who invests in people development
  5. Become digitally future-proof!

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Our (r)evolution


As the business world continues to transform, we continue to adapt the ways in which we support our members.

The speed with which technological developments emerge today, further increases the necessity for a network that helps our members identify the right opportunities. 


Business trends and technologies guided our evolution into a mature organisation. Our platform began to attract companies and organisations from various segments and regions. This encouraged us to expand our perspective beyond ICT and open our activities, including knowledge exchange and networking opportunities, to a broad professional audience. Consequently, our motto was adapted to: ‘Where business and ICT meet’


By 2005, our founders had inspired numerous other partners and members from all over Belgium to join Antwerp Digital Mainport. Given this increased diversity, our Board of Directors decided to change our name into ADM, leaving the ‘A’ as a reminder of where it all started. At the same time, the motto ‘Sharing IT’ was introduced


A visit to the Information Technology Center in New York triggered our founding fathers (the Antwerp Chamber of Commerce, Agfa-Gevaert, Ahlers, EDS, McKinsey & Company, Real Software, Telenet, Uitgeversbedrijf Tijd and Xylos) to set up a forum for ICT knowledge exchange and consultation. 

And so on 3 June, 1998, ‘Antwerp Digital Mainport’ (ADM) was founded.