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13 May, 2020
11:15 - 12:00 h

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ONLINE: Tips & Tricks: Zoom 

A few weeks ago we did a ‘tips & tricks’-session on Microsoft Teams. As always there are ‘pro’s’ and ‘con’s’ regarding the collaboration tools to be used. This has to do with the differences in features, security, accessibility.  Therefore ADM decided to do a similar event today about Zoom, presented by Kristof Maes (Specialist Intelligent Communications @ Xylos). 

Some figures about the use of Zoom lately

Daily meeting participants on Zoom : 

  • December 2019 : < 10 mio
  • March 2020 :        200 Mio+
  • April 2020 :          300 Mio+


‘Video changes everything’ 
Indeed in 2011 Zoom was developed by the previous Webex founder Eric Yuan.

Nice to know features

  • The tool is quite unique with the huge number of participants the system allows: up to 1000 participants in meetings and 50.000 attendants in webinars with a maximum of 100 speakers. 
  • Zoom has received quite some awards for the tool that was described as the ‘CEO-proof video communication’… Meaning it is very intuitive.
  • Their ‘conference room solution’ is proof of that. The remote device is even compared with Fisher Price with its enormous and colorful buttons.
  • It is possible to split screen: when you dispose of 3 screens in one room: one is used for the content, the second shows the presenter, the third the participants.
  • The system also fits for digital signage. 


With all the fuzz on the (low) security level of the tool, we get to know that the detected problems beginning of March have been solved before end of March. Besides that there are plenty of settings that help leveling up the security according to your own preferences…

And to end the session the participants got the ’Top 10 Ways to Secure Your Zoom Meetings’ . (the leaflet can be downloaded from the "Related" tab on this page)

10Tips Visual

On the "Related" tab of this page you can find

  • the recording of the whole session
  • the presentation by Kristof Maes from Xylos 
  • the leaflet "Top 10 ways to secure your Zoom meeting"
  • the link to other interesting articles

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