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20 May, 2020
11:00 - 11:15 h

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Quizby Y

Quizizz – an on-line quiz hosted by our Y-ADM Board – looked after the entertainment of the participants just before Christian Leysen took off with his presentation. It focused on the history of ADM – so quite some info could be found on the website – and Christian made part of the questions of course!

Ellen De Coster (GTT) was the proud winner of our first online quiz. 
Big thanks to our experienced master Joris Vanhee (HPe)!
Nice intro, maybe a bit surprising but for use: everybody loved it! 

Do try this at home!

Don’t hesitate to try it in your team or at home…  you can find the questions and answers on the "Related tab" on this page.  Enjoy!

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