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26 March, 2019
18:15 - 22:30 h

Docks Dome

Lambermontlaan 1
1000  Brussel

Docks Dome is located on top of the Docks Bruxsel Shopping Center. A large parking is available under the shopping center (Please do not leave any valuables in your car!). Follow the instructions of the crew on site + ADM signs.

To reach Docks Dome you can go:

  • Via the elevators that can be reached on level -2 of the parking (follow instructions of the crew on site + ADM signs).
  • Via the shopping center. The entrance to Docks Dome is located right next to the bus/tram platforms.

Public transport

Schaerbeek station is a 10 minutes walk away. www.belgianrail.be

The 47, 57 and 58 STIB bus routes stop at Docks Bruxsel. Bus 47 stops at ‘Van Praet’ (at 100 meters from the main entrance). Bus 57 stops at ‘Van Praet’ (at 100 meters from the main entrance). Bus 58 stops at ‘Docks Bruxsel’ (the main entrance). www.stib.be

The 3 and 7 STIB tram routes stop at Docks Bruxsel, on levels 0 and +1. The tram 3 stops at ‘Docks Bruxsel’ (at the entrance ‘Quai des Usines/Werkhuizenkaai’). The tram 7 stops at ‘Docks Bruxsel’ (the main entrance). www.stib.be

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ADM Reception 2019

On invitation only

ADM Reception 2019: How digitalization makes people's lives better

Don't feel like reading? Get a good feel of our wonderful 21st ADM reception: Head over to the Pictures tab (above) to view our aftermovie & pictures of the event!

This year’s reception focused on ‘Digital Business is HUMAN’. Technological progress may be fantastic, in the end it's all about the applications that go along with it and its impact on human being. The 4 keynote’s of the evening showed how digitalization makes people’s lives better.

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Speaker 1: Jan De Schepper – President ADM

Don't feel like reading (full summary below)? Here's Jan De Schepper's summary of his presentation:

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Performance, Speed and Inequality are 3 surprises in the digital world.

Performance at work is determined by productivity growth and happiness at work. They are closely linked to each other. When productivity growth decreases, happiness at work also goes down and vice versa. The world has become more complex. Globalization is all over. The market wants customized products but also high volume products, etc. This is not alarming, the shocking result though is the reply business has given to this complexity by rapidly rising the complicatedness. Its effect is opposite to good performance.

But the most amazing trend is the new level of speed we attain. It will become an essential driver in the years to come. Unfortunately people can’t follow the pace of the organisation because its speed is much higher. And business is evolving even faster. People are suffering…

There is already a lot said on the growth of inequality stimulated by the digital revolution. Indeed every poor person is one too many. When checking the facts they show that until today living conditions of millions of persons have been tremendously improved. Key to this evolution is working towards equal opportunities. ADM’s mission is to provide opportunities, make people grow so they become better. The strapline ‘share & connect’ is more than ever valid:

Connected people obtain better results. If there is no knowledge sharing or common ground no connection can be expected.

ADM stands for more connection and more exchange of knowledge =

Share x Connect

While the mechanical and electrical revolution have been based on the ‘muscle’ to improve lives, the ICT revolution added ‘brain’ to it. The digital revolution brings in the dimension of the ‘heart’: no digital transformation without human care.

Speaker 2: Diane Jooris – Co-founder & CSO Oncomfort

Don't feel like reading (full summary below)? Here's Diane Jooris' summary of her presentation:

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190326 Admreception 3

Oncomfort is a Belgian company specialized in Digital Sedation.

As a mental health professional specialized in clinical hypnosis working at MD Anderson Cancer center in Texas – the biggest cancer center in the world – Diane has been next to hundreds of patients during their operation. She uses clinical hypnosis (a mind-body technique) which has been validated for decades as an efficient and safe way to manage anxiety and pain during medical procedures and surgeries. Clinical hyposis creates a different state of consciousness which has been objectivated by brain imagery.

Driven by the will to give access to this amazing technique and help as large a number of patients as possible Oncomfort was founded. They deliver standardized and automated clinical hypnosis sessions together with additional psychological interventions through a cutting-edge technology: Virtual Technology. The solution is called Sedakit. It is a medical device and is a safe and simple alternative, or complement, to sedation, and to pain and anxiety medication. It is financially affordable, it is portable and can be used 24/7. It only requires 30 minutes online training for medical team members and is available in 10 different languages.

While the solution was created for cancer patients – Diane’s sister Mathilde has had 9 breast surgery interventions in 3 years time – more and more doctors from various specialities are reaching out to them: cardiologists, pediatricians, orthopedists, dentists, doctors in emergency room or intensive care units, palliative care…

In the meantime more than 1600 patients have been enrolled in clinical trials in more than 12 academic centers. UCL in Brussels has carried out a study with breast cancer patients. In Antwerpen, Sint Jan in Brussels and ULG, doctors are studying the impact of digital sedation when used after a surgery.

The Sedakit is currently used in more than 70 hospitals in 5 different countries. In three years, more than 8000 patients have been treated.

Nice proof of technology as a medium to deliver better healthcare.

Speaker 3: Yamina Krossa – Social Entrepreneur & Innercrowdfunder

Don't feel like reading (full summary below)? Here's Yamina Krossa's summary of her presentation:

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190326 Admreception 4

#dekrachtvanhetnetwerk (power of the network)

Before 2016 a breast reconstruction to heal from breast cancer was not re-funded. After the huge success with her initiative to find the means to pay her own breast reconstruction, Yamina set up the organization ‘BENETIET’ to help finding financial support for other women by means of ‘crowdfunding’ at the ‘inner circle’. The concept ‘innercrowdfunding’ was born. After 18 months 30 women have been helped. In the meantime the Belgian Minister of Health found an agreement with the social security and plastic surgeons. Women wouldn’t be deprived any longer of a reconstruction due to a lack of budget. Goal achieved and the organization closed her activities.

In the meantime Yamina got to know Damya Laoui from the VUB and VIB. She researches a vaccine to protect cancer patients against metastases. The VUB Foundation proposed Yamina to install the VUB Yamina Krossa Fund to collect financial support for research on cancer.

Damya has been honored by MIT as ‘innovator under 35’. NewScientist nominated her ‘Science Talent 2018’. Taking into account 90% of the cancer deceases are due to metastase, the research of Damya is of utmost importance. The project #Destination400 in 2019 has been set-up with the objective to find € 400.000 for research: in other words 400 fans that each engage themselves for € 1.000.

These initiatives are proof of what can be done by means of your own network. In that respect #dekrachtvanhetnetwerk is an excellent example and it works!

Speaker 4: Alexander Maeyaert – GAN Belgium Adecco Group

Don't feel like reading (full summary below)? Here's Alexander Maeyaert's summary of his presentation:

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190326 Admreception 5

Leading in the unknown of learning in the unknown

Business changes quickly and it becomes harder to predict which direction we will go. Needless to say also Generation Y is becoming anxious about a fit between gaining knowledge and the relevance of it once they become part of the workforce. ‘What should I study? What’s the relevancy of it?’… learning in the unknown.

Through digitalization knowledge becomes much quicker obsolete and organisations hardly find people with the perfect match between talent and job requirements. Schools don’t really help us with this phenomenon. Most of the time youngsters leave school with a diploma and think ‘live is about to start now’… not knowing how, where, when and with whom.

Often lifelong learning is quoted as a solution. The exact definition hereof is: all learning initiatives throughout your life to improve your knowledge, skills, competencies from a personal, social, and/or employment perspective. Besides the nice result the total of all these learning points represents, the willingness to learn constantly is evenly important. And that’s exactly the issue because it is een attitude, more precisely a learning attitude.

Instead of hiring people based on ‘job opportunities’ this should evolve into the search for ‘learning opportunities’. This is the responsibility of the authorities, companies and the persons involved in learning intitiatives.

In fact ‘study on the workspot’ – a combination between studying and working - is an instrument to introduce the ‘learning attitude’.

In the meantime several initiatives become rather popular such as ‘CEO for 1 month’ at Adecco But also the IC Institute that allows to obtain an MBA in ‘Enterprise Architecture’ by means of ‘dual learning’. It is focused on people with more or less 10 years of working experience and implies working at 2 companies each for 6 months. On top of that the authorities have voted a new system allowing employees to attend trainings for 125 hours/year.

Life Long Learning is a shared responsibility of the authorities, companies and employees. Grasp it and become an amplifier for people that are learning in the unknown.

Relive the evening!

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  • the full text of the presentations by our guest speakers: Diane Jooris, Yamina Krossa & Alexander Maeyaert

You can also relive our 21st ADM reception with our aftermovie:

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Adm Digital Business Is Human Placeholder

Digital business should not be about pushing technological boundaries or hyping the next big thing. It cannot thrive without the human perspective. What value does it add to our lives? How can it make the world a better place? Our keynote speakers will share their personal experiences on the symbiosis between human and digital progress.



Registration & welcome drink


Plenary session:
Jan De Schepper, Chairman ADM
Diane Jooris, Co-founder & CSO Oncomfort
Yamina Krossa, Social entrepreneur & Innercrowdfunder
Alexander Maeyaert, Project Lead GAN Belgium


Networking dinner



Diane Jooris- Oncomfort : Digital Sedation

Yamina Krossa : De Kracht van het Netwerk

Alexander Maeyaert : Levenslang leren

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