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19 February, 2019
18:00 - 22:00 h

SAP Customer Experience Center

Olympiadenlaan 2
1140  Evere

Parking is available in the Oud-Strijderslaan (free after 18h) or you can park in the street. Please do not leave any valuables in your car!

Enhancing your (clients') customer experience

Imagination is the only limit to customer experience

The sky is the limit when it comes to increasing the (internal and external) customer experience. Technology and the help of good business partners can help you move towards a more efficient business, engaged employees and happy customers!

During our tour in the SAP Customer Experience Center (CXC), we witnessed how the experience of the different stages in the value chain between end consumer and manufacturer can be enhanced, ie : 

  • Immediate product info to the end customer in the store
  • Automatic stock / order management for store owner
  • Order forecast and management for the dealership
  • Production forecast for the manufacturer
  • Online consumer behaviour helps planning marketing actions
  • Analysis results of marketing actions  -> lead generation
  • etc.

By linking all these (logical) stages, the whole process becomes more transparent, efficient and timesaving.
Obviously such a project is not realised in one go: that why the visit took us through the ideation room, the impressive immersion room, the “Garage” (where prototypes are built).

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There are no IT projects.. just business projects supported by IT

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Suki Maesen, IS/IT Program Manager Cloud for Customer at Atlas Copco explained how the IT department managed to support the organisation’s internal customer – the sales organisation – with a cloud solution.  Taking the audience through the different steps from business objective to roll-out and adoption, it was very clear that : 

  • business (or departments) have to work together and with IT
  • attention has to be paid to the proper change management and communication
  • measurement is the key to knowledge

Relive the session

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Purpose of the Customer Experience Center - Goedele Derveaux


Customer case: Atlas Copco - Suki Maesen


Interactive visit of Customer Experience Center - Goedele Derveaux


Drinks & networking

Info on the SAP Customer Experience Center Brussels(opened summer 2018)

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