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10 October, 2019
17:45 - 21:30 h

  • Presentation: NL
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  • Q&A: NL/FR/ENG

Vink Belgium

Industriepark B 7,
2200  Heist-op-den-Berg


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How listening to your customers defines your own organisation

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Creating an app is not the same as innovating. In order to successfully digitise your company, you need to listen to your customers and employees. Vink shares it's journey and tips...

What do clients really need

Vink knows that listening to customers is key. They organised several internal workshops to identify the client’s needs. Based on those needs, you choose the right solution.

Making information available and improving their processes where the main challenges at Vink. So they decided to implement a self-service platform. This platform could also answer to the changing needs of the customer in a digital world.

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Invest time in your people

The most important thing: Every person goes through change at his or her own pace. Vink understood this. Some of the steps they took to guide employees through this transformation:

  • Set up a digital team that represents the company (employees from different departments)
  • Give insight and context. At Vink, people didn’t know why they should digitalise, so they provided enough information about why digitalising is necessary
  • Start by mapping your processes, then look at how you can improve or automate them

How we successfully transformed our people

Eric Muys, CEO at Vink gave us some very good advice…

Keep your focus: remember, the client is what matters, not the technology.

Choose one thing and stick to it! If you change your mind or your direction every two weeks, people will get confused. Keep them engaged and focused by sticking to your decisions.  

The CEO really makes a difference. Eric took time to understand the matter, he even looked up the meaning of API and other technical terms! Make sure you understand and believe why you need to change.

Give your people the time and means to change at their own pace. Invest enough in communication and training.

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Eric shared with us his four steps (as a manager) in order to lead change:

  1. Learn and understand yourself
  2. Give support
  3. Convince
  4. Go for it! But really go all in! (you can’t be a little pregnant, according to Eric)

The self-service platform has not been online for long, but already clients are reacting in a positive way. They see the difference and experience the quick wins that Vink implemented. And however, the platform is kind of behaving as an app, they still haven’t built one!



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Customer-centricity is the hardest part 

"We wanted an app, our customers didn't"
 Karl Verbist, Market Manager Signs & Graphics Vink Belgium


The process is the project 

"To get people going, you need to cut the elephant in pieces."
Yves Heylen, Digital Transformation Manager Vink Belgium


To go digital, get personal 

"Adding digital to 50 years of culture takes patience and empathy" 
 Eric Muys, CEO Vink Belgium




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