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How listening to your customers defines your own organisation

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For a company to become truly digital, it takes more than just technology. The Vink case, brought to you by the Vink management and at the Vink premises in Heist-op-den-Berg, is a school example of how a company plans its digital journey:

  • taking into consideration its customers’ needs and wishes
  • looking at its own organisation
  • defining the right new processes
  • and then implementing the technology

It goes without saying that the CEO and the management team play a crucial role in this process: when they understand the why, what (and how) and support the project, the employees too will embrace it and help the company evolve in the direction of a true digital future.

VINK's case proves that when implementing a platform strategy, soft power is what you really need. Vink invested first in its people and the company's purpose to ensure the employees would embrace this radical change. Today VINK is probably the most advanced and appealing employer in the region. Making remoteness - although still very relative in Belgium - an asset rather than a hindrance.


About Vink Belgium

Heist-op-den-Berg, a peaceful remote town in Flanders back country. Most likely not your top answer when asked for attractive locations for a distribution centre. But the absence of important transportation infrastructure did not slow VINK down to become a leading plastic distributor in professional markets. On the contrary, thanks to an audacious choice for thorough, digital transformation VINK has build the backbone to challenge international competition in their own play field. 

Programme manager

Jef Teugels

Head of Digital Commerce at BDO Digital |


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Customer-centricity is the hardest part 

"We wanted an app, our customers didn't"
 Karl Verbist, Market Manager Signs & Graphics Vink Belgium


The process is the project 

"To get people going, you need to cut the elephant in pieces."
Yves Heylen, Digital Transformation Manager Vink Belgium


To go digital, get personal 

"Adding digital to 50 years of culture takes patience and empathy" 
 Erik Muys, CEO Vink Belgium




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Vink Belgium

Industriepark B 7,
2200 Heist-op-den-Berg

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