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21 October, 2019
18:00 - 21:30 h

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De Jachthoorn

Doornstraat 11
2550  Kontich

You can use the parking spaces available at De Jachthoorn. Make sure not to leave any valuables in your car.

6 Batteries of Change

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The hardest part of digital transformation is not the technology itself, it’s the company and its people. Frank Dethier & Gunther Blanckaert from LemnisQ guided us through the different domains (or batteries) of change…

Managing change within a company has a lot to do with energy. To be able to change, companies, and especially employees, need energy in different domains. These domains are called the batteries of change.

Frank Dethier & Gunther Blanckaert gave an inspiring and interactive session about the six batteries, and how companies can use this framework to manage change.

The most important takeaways during the exercises and brainstorming:

  • First of all, get some insight in how much your company’s batteries are charged at the moment. Turns out over 30% of all companies have six RED or uncharged batteries!
  • All batteries are linked. You cannot have one battery charged and another one not. Each battery has its impact on other batteries. So, make sure all batteries are charged before implementing change.
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Relive the session

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