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30 October, 2020
11:25 - 12:05 h

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The best ways of sharing content on LinkedIn

Mic started off our first Friday's Five. In 30 minutes, we got all the necessary details of posting on LinkedIn. 

It all starts with where to post. If you want to reach your followers, post on your personal profile, a company page or affility page. Groups are ment to connect with members, and direct messages are sent to individuals. 

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Use different types of posts on LinkedIn to keep your audience interested!

"Never trust a Social Media Expert"

When it comes to social media, there is just no right answer for everyone. You need to experiment yourself and find out who your audience is, what they like or dislike and when they are online. Watch the numbers and statistics on your LinkedIn pages and posts.

Five takeaways:

  1. Post regularly
  2. When it comes to posting: variation is key
  3. It's a numbers game 
  4. Be ready to babysit your posts 
  5. Play by rules 

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