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From Image to Imagination: Connect with Christian Reinaudo & Caroline Van Rompuy

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Join us for this exclusive opening session of the ADM year with Christian Reinaudo (CEO, Agfa Gevaert) & Caroline Van Rompuy (CIO, Agfa Gevaert) & discover how after 150 years this great company is still able to be one of the leaders in the business!

We're living in a fast changing world where a business can only survive if it's able to accept, embrace and adapt to the Digital Transformation.

During this session we'll hear from Christian Reinaudo (CEO, Agfa Gevaert) & Caroline Van Rompuy (CIO, Agfa Gevaert). They'll share their insights on how Agfa Gevaert, a company with 150 years worth of legacy didn't only successfully make it through a Digital Transformation, but was able to thrive off of it as well!

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Check out this article from Datanews if you'd like to learn more about Caroline Van Rompuy.


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From Image to Imagination: Presentation by Christian Reinaudo (CEO, Agfa Gevaert) & Caroline Van Rompuy (CIO, Agfa Gevaert).


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