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18 December, 2014
18:00 - 22:00 h

Salons de Romree

Beiaardlaan 31
1850  Grimbergen

For parking: 
please follow the signalisation towards the side entrance at Brusselsesteenweg 39, 1850 Grimbergen

Public transport

By Bus with connections: 230, 231, 232, 821

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Meet Veerle Lozie, the new CIO of the Year

Veerle Lozie : the recipe for happiness

“People are more productive when they have fun at work” was probably the most acknowledged statement of the evening. So easy to say, but how do you do it, how do you attract new, and how do you keep talented people. 

The key to success of the Melexis management team to which Veerle belongs, goes back to a few key beliefs:

  • Define a strong set of corporate values, and stick to them
  • In every circumstance, the team sticks together, goes for the same goal and speaks with one voice
  • Build “engagement capital” with your employees Engagement capital is the sum of engagement that employees show based on their past, present and future perception of their company and of their relationship with the company.  The more engaged people are, the more they are willing to go the extra mile, ... and to stay. Intrinsically engaging employees can be done by i.e.
    • Empowering them to decide on certain aspects of their job and how to execute it
    • Letting them feel they are competent and / or helping them to become more competent
    • Building a strong (complementary) team to be part of

For Veerle, the ingredients for happiness consist of a balanced mix of

  • Healthiness
  • Love (and being loved)
  • Having a meaningful occupation
  • Having a passion

Very inspiring thoughts just before Christmas and to start 2015!