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Be inspired by the Young ICT Lady 2018, Laurence Schuurman

This event is meant for young professionals (<35 years old). Both members and non-members can join this event FREE OF CHARGE if you are a young professional! 

Dare to dream! That's probably the best way to describe how Laurence Schuurman has achieved so much already in her young career. Join us for an exclusive session and be inspired by Datanews' Young ICT Lady of the year!

Laurence Schuurman might still be a young professional, but she has already grown into a role-model for many men and women working in IT across the world!

She started at Capgemini in 2011 and in that time she has accomplished a lot!
For example: As Executive Program Manager she is the right hand to some of the most senior members of the company's leadership team, she spent 2 years working in Rotterdam perfecting her Dutch (she speaks five languages by the way: French (native), Dutch, English, German and Spanish), 2 years in New York and now she's working in Paris (again); she has set up and led her own team of interns, she's a diversity advocate for women (e.g. she took on a mentor role for teams of women in IT in India, visiting them, sharing insights & experiences etc.).  She has even had such positive impact that her employers have decided to work on bringing in even more young high potentials. She is both a mentor and a coach to these new joiners! 
The list of impressive accomplishments just goes on and on!

Join us for our closing session of the year and be inspired by the story that Laurence has to share: Dare to dream!
After her presentation you'll have the opportunity to connect with her personally during our networking BBQ!

Laurence Schuurman

Learn more about Laurence Schuurman

If you want to learn more about Laurence and how she became Datanews' Young ICT Lady of the year in this interesting article

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