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11 June, 2014
17:30 - 21:30 h

Your body reveals what your speech is not telling: body language explained.

“Pinocchio” is true: when lying your nose grows by 1 mm!

Mieke Mievis (relationship therapist, fascinated by human behavior and body language) shared this and many other useful facts with the large ADM audience that attended the ADM Foyer on “Body Language”.

During her most entertaining speech, Mieke talked about

  • Why we (unconsciously) react the way we do in some situations (think Fight, Flight, Freeze)
  • How we can detect whether people are lying
  • How to interpret body language during business discussions

Just have a look at the blog post and video below … and realise how things work.

Needless to say what the main topic of discussion was afterwards during the drink on the terrace in the evening sun! A great event as closing of the ADM working year.

For more infomation on body language, do check out the website www.lichaamstaal.nl (in Dutch), and have a look at the blog post on this website.

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