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11 October, 2016
17:30 - 21:30 h

Agfa-Gevaert nv

Septestraat 27
2640   Mortsel

The visitorparking will be available to all participants. More info on how to get to Agfa HealthCare can be found on their website.

Public transport

Come by train: Antwerp Berchem or Antwerp Central station. 
Tram: out of Antwerp, take tram 7 or 15.

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Transforming & Innovating Healthcare

Members only

From photochemical to digital imaging and e-health company: a tour of Agfa HealthCare

All over the world the healthcare industry and the delivery of patient care are going through a period of profound transformation, with population health and personalized care, collaboration and integrated care just a few of the challenges. The ADM members were treated to an exclusive behind the scenes look at Agfa HealthCare to discover how the company deals with these challenges.

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introduction of the session by Luc Thijs, President of Agfa HealthCare

Luc Thijs, President of Agfa HealthCare took the time to open the session. During his presentation on the history of Agfa HealthCare, he elaborated on the challenges the company faced while transforming from a photochemical company into a succesfull digital imaging and e-health business. If you'd like to learn more about the presentation by Luc Thijs, be sure to head over to the Related tab (download available for members only).

After the opening presentation, our members were split into three groups to do a tour of the Agfa HealthCare facility. First of the three stops along the way was in the Agfa HealthCare Demoroom with Eva De Herdt, Global MarCom – Team lead Events & Internal Communication at Agfa HealthCare. During her presentation Eva showed us how Agfa HealthCare's products have evolved over the past three decades. Along the tour we were given a demonstration of several products like the mobile imaging machine;DX-D 100 or  the software used these days to consult and share the images made by Agfa HealthCare Products.

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Tour of the Agfa HealthCare demoroom by Eva De Herdt.

Back in the Cinemazaal was another stop along the Agfa HealthCare tour where we were happily received by Dave Sharpe, ICS Manager & Emmanuel Mougeotte, Vice-President Global Services. During their presentation our members were given more insight in how the IT side of Agfa HealthCare works. The IT department at Agfa is not just an internal part of the company but a division that actively develops/supports the systems (Cloud & Managed Services) that Agfa HealthCare customers use every day. If you'd like to learn more about the presentation given by Dave Sharpe & Emmanuel Mougeotte, feel free to take a look under the Related tab (download available for members only).

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Dave Sharpe & Emmanuel Mougeotte during their presentation.

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Dirk Colaert during his presentation

Last but not least, the tour also had a stop with Dr. Dirk Colaert, Chief Medical Officer at Agfa HealthCare. During his presentation on Integrated Care, Dirk gave us insight in how the medical landscape is going to change in the future an how Agfa HealthCare aims to facilitate this transformation. In order to be able to provide the necessary resources to whoever needs it, The "vertical system" (Patient - Doctor relationship) needs to evolve into an integrated care platform and thus centralizing the patient in the process. f you'd like to learn more about the presentation given by Dr. Dirk Colaert, feel free to take a look under the Related tab (download available for members only).

Relive the session

Go to the Related tab (top of this page) to relive the session with the presentations of the session (available for members only after login):

  • "Transforming while Innovating Care" by Luc Thijs (President of Agfa HealthCare)
  • "Managed Services at Agfa HealthCare" by Dave Sharpe (ICS Manager) & Emmanuel Mougeotte (Vice-President Global Services)
  • "Integrated Care" by Dr. Dirk Colaert, Chief Medical Officer

Feel free to take a look at all the pictures that were taken during the session. You can find them on the Pictures tab (top of this page) 

Our Social Media Manager, Mic Adam, has once again taken the time to make a short Storify summarizing this session with your own tweets:

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Under this tab you can find the presentations used during the session (available for members only after login).

If you'd like to discover more on Agfa HealthCare, feel free to take a look at their blog.

If you want to know more about the book "The patient will see you now" that was mentioned during the session, you can buy it here.

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