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29 March, 2022
18:00 - 21:00 h

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Towards a sustainable society

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To evolve towards a sustainable society means to ensure that the processes and resources we use don’t have negative consequences to the planet and its people. We need to recognize the environment as an exhaustible resource and conserve the resources for future generations.

About the session

We start with a deep dive in the sustainability projects of Microsoft and how they are contributing to a more sustainable society.

Afterwards we get to hear to story of Too Good To Go: their vision of a sustainable society, how they aim to contribute to a more sustainable world and how we can all learn to think differently about throwing away food. Talk by Country Manager Franco Prontera.




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Introduction by ADM & Marijke Schroos (Microsoft)


How Microsoft contributes to a sustainable society


Too Good To Go: Join the food waste movement, by Franco Prontera


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