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How do you get your message across in today’s world of (over)communication? As Napoleon once put it: "A good visual is better than a long speech." In this session, we will show you a visual approach to communication. Give it a try, and you’re likely to continue using these learnings!

Everyone has drawing skills, and you’ll get a chance to prove it! That’s why the number of participants to this session is limited.

This session is meant to inspire – no sketching experience required!

We want to keep our session as interactive as possible, so we keep a maximum number of registrations of 40 participants.

Programme manager

Peter Poeck

Business C.O.A.C.H. & Storyteller at Cegeka


Welcome & Registration


Intro to visual sketching


Basics of visual sketching


Time to shine!


Show & Tell + Networking

Business Faculty

Sint-Lendriksborre 6
1120 Brussel

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