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The transformation of NISSE

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Modern Public Administration providing high quality service? Yes of course!

Over the past few years,The National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-employed (NISSE) has gone through a remarkable transformation into a modern, qualitative and agile public organisation. An Vanderstappen shared with us the story of the challenges they faced with the people and leadership at NISSE while implementing this digital transformation.


All ‘self-employed persons’ are their customers. For NISSE (1) there is thus but one single test to pass: does my idea ‘add value for our customers’. 

The National Institute for the Social Security of the Self-employed (NISSE) protects the self-employed entrepreneurs' social status – from the establishment of their company to their pension – in order to contribute to their social and economic well-being.


They service 1.033.902 independent people and 486.320 companies and partner a.o. with the Federal Public Service for Social Security. As such they act as a “bridge” with other stakeholders (take a look at their logo representing a bridge).  It goes without saying that also their services are taken into account when synergies have to be found in the “Public Services Scenery”.



Besides the social and economical trends such as sustainability – globalization – more with less – e-government and G-Cloud, to mention a few, their “way of working” (WOW) is also impacted by specific challenges such as:

  1. Continuous reforms of the legal framework they need to apply
  2. ‘Organisation 4.0’ implying an “open – flat and fast” supporting service
  3. Ultimate check of all their services: “does it improve the customer’s life”. When the answer is yes, GO for it. 

"Working our Way"

The NISS approach to prepare themselves to these challenges is a project called “working our way” (WOW) and comprises:

  1. Instauration of a new culture
  2. The “move” from the old location to the new buildings.  They grasped the opportunity to digitalise their files and archives. The pile of 12 km today only measures 1,5 km anymore.
  3. Internal reorganisation
  4. Human leadership program on teamwork, co-creativity, well-being
  5. Leadership track

The NISS has been re-branded and a new Corporate Identity has been created. 


Their Innovation initiatives are all based on digitalisation:

  • A unique platform (Sequoia) replaces the individual “silo’s” and concerns ‘business value – risk management  and cost reduction’. 
  • Mypension.be has been launched. In one month’s time they received 500.000 visitors. Today they are over 1 million visitors. 
  • Synergies are created such as the offices in Waver – Libramont – Namen, together with the restructuring of the front- and back office functions.
  • Mousein’ is a unique central reporting system that will be used for Business Intelligence and Data-warehouse.
  • The common guidelines the personnel members follow are ‘only once – lean management – partnership – customer at the center of the activities’. 

Ann guided us through the building from top to basement including the restaurant.  The personnel members were having their lunch in a nice, cosy and spacious location. We all noticed everybody looked at their Managing Director with a lot of respect and trust.

This huge project demonstrates the Public Authorities have left their mouldy image behind, live in a digitalized world and want to remain a contemporary but agile organisation. Yes, this kind of Public Service we want.

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(1)   NISS = RSVZ in dutch – INASTI in French


Het “Rijksinstituut voor de sociale verzekeringen der zelfstandigen” (RSVZ) verhuisde in 2015 naar zijn nieuwe kantoren in de buurt van het Brusselse Noordstation. De transitie zou niet alleen een fysiek feit zijn, maar zich ook uiten in een nieuwe manier van werken. 

De directie leidde de organisatie door een volledige business transformatie. Uit het verhaal van Administrateur-Generaal,  Anne Vanderstappen zal blijken dat zo een transformatie op vele vlakken (tegelijk) gebeurt en dat de verschillende aspecten hand in hand gaan: business doelstellingen, processen, technologie, change management. Het RSVZ is klaar voor de toekomst. 


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