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About The House of Contact Centers

Making people happy

Since its founding, The House of Contact Centers has worked towards creating the contact center of the future.  
THoCC created the Contact Center Operating Model©, a comprehensive and exhaustive model, based on their 14 years real-life experience. Via assessments, consultancy, open and in-house trainings, THoCC helps contact centers optimise their operations and reputation. 

So it is typical consultancy? Not exactly... 
At THoCC, digital transformation is key! 

They serve multinational corporates, but mainly operated from within Belgium. Scaling your company internationally when relying only on selling consultancy hours, is not that easy. Especially, when your people are highly trained and skilled consultants. Sending these consultants abroad for multiple months is not always (cost-)efficient nor employee-friendly. Neither is creating international offices and training consultants abroad the fastest way of scaling. 

THoCC pursued a different path. They transformed their flagship service into a digital solution, called ‘LevelX4’. Today, contact centers (like 24Plus - our host for the evening) have access to LevelX4, a cloud-based self-assessment service that will fully automatically generate a tailored roadmap to improve their operations.  

And all parties win! Contact centers don’t have to rely on external consultants to facilitate the assessment. End customers get a better service. THoCC can offer their services and expertise, regardless of location or time. And, the consultants at THoCC experience increased job satisfaction, since they can focus on the challenges that require their premium skills and expertise.

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Tine Peeters

Partner Experiences, Studio Dott


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24+ Berchem

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2600 Berchem

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