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25 June, 2020
17:00 - 18:30 h

  • Presentation: NL
  • Slides: EN
  • Q&A: NL EN FR

Y-ADM online speeddating

On invitation only
Group Crop

Corona prevented us from launching the Y-ADM community and presenting the Y-Board at the ADM reception in March or during a live event later on. As our personal and business lives happened mainly online lately, we decided to bring our young ADM professionals together during an online speed dating session, and it worked!

At first nobody knew what to expect (neither did we) but very quickly everybody engaged in vivid conversations about their jobs, apps, houses, vacation plans… as if they had met in person. After 5 rounds of meeting new people, everybody acknowledged that they had met interesting people and learned new things. Isn’t this what “share & connect” is all about ?

Do you want to be part of an active ADM Young Community too?

With the Y-Community, ADM wants to

  • help young  professionals integrate in the existing business network and learn the value of professional networking
  • provide them an own network of young professionals from different types of companies with whom they can connect, from whom they can learn
  • give them the opportunity to try out new things in a safe environment and to acquire new skills

The ADM Y-board represents the Y-Community in the Board and ensures that the ADM activities are “Y-proof”; both in terms of content as in terms of formats.  Members of the Y-community are encouraged to actively take part in the set-up of (Y-)ADM activities, to be a sounding board for the ADM organisation.

Eager to know more, to be engaged in an interesting (and fun) community? Just send a mail to yboard@adm.be!

Meet the Y-ADM board

2006 Y Adm Board

Ellen De Coster (GTT) - Joris Vanhee (HPE) - Astrid Dhaenens (Zetes) - Cristophe Cresens (Worldline) - Catalina Alexe (Realdolmen)

Why Y-ADM?

This event is exclusively for our YOUNG ADM members (-35 y). 

Sometimes a curse can be lucky! The fact that we cannot yet organise "real live" meetings gives us the unique opportunity to set up the first ADM online speeddating

Join us after work on Thursday 25th June and .. 

  • get to know the new Young ADM Board 
  • meet other young ADM members
  • exchange ideas, get inspired, build relationships
  • lay the foundation for an (inter)active Young ADM Community!

Why Y-ADM?


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