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20 October, 2014
18:00 - 21:30 h


Filip Williotstraat 9
2600  Berchem

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Afstaphalte: BUS 90-91-92 BERCHEM STATION

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Why ICT is the Future for Youngsters

Will you become a STEM coach?

STEM chairman and Data News ICT Woman of the Year Martine Tempels invited a few ladies to testify about their passion for technology and/or science. STEM is an acronym for Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics. Four domains we have been a leader in for a long time. If we succeed in bringing them together, extraordinary things happen and it becomes an important source for innovation and a sustainable economy. Problem: we have too little graduates. We need to convince thepeople of tomorrow - boys and girls - to consider STEM education. 

Our session showed a few people are already making noise for STEM. Martine Tempels does a fantastic job with CoderDojo, to make programming look cool instead of nerdy to kids. ICT Young Lady of the Year Wendy Vermoesen enjoys helping organizations innovate and making life easier for their customers and collaborators. Liesbeth van Oeffelen has developed a machine for cancer research. Prof. Marian Verhelst organizes “Innovation Labs” at the University of Leuven where she shows teenagers how interesting and useful science and technology are.

STEM coaches Wendy ,Liesbeth and Marian aren’t exceptions, but we would definitely like to see more youngsters in STEM jobs. That’s why the Flemish Region has decided to invite specialists/volunteers to advise schools with regard to the use of technology within or outside the school, and to promote STEM. You can read more about STEM coaching here. In the video below, Bjorn Desander explains why he decided to volunteer for STEM coach. Maybe you want to you assist your daughter’s or son’s teacher for three half days and become a STEM coach too?

There was a lot of interest for our ADM and STEM evening.  It proves Martine, her team and all volunteers are doing a fantastic job in promoting technology. You want to find out more, become a coach or contribute to STEM? Quickly check this website.

In the meantime, enjoy the video of our evening!

Video report

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