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5 December, 2023
18:15 - 21:15 h

  • Presentation: NL
  • Slides: EN
  • Q&A: NL EN FR

Huis van de Automobiel

Woluwedal 46
1200  Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe

Towards a flow-driven innovation approach

This event is open for everyone and free for ADM members.

About the session

How to create a sustainable innovation performance

Recent studies underline once again the importance and excellence of Belgium as an innovative country. However, enterprises struggle with dealing with their innovative portfolio of projects. Compared to the “classical” investment projects, we need a different approach to manage these innovation projects.

By installing IPM – Innovation Portfolio Management, we will find the balance between:

  • a stable, transparent & stimulating Innovation Environment that creates a clear demand, and
  • having the right flow and resilience in the Innovation Teams to deliver value for the (internal/external) customer.

The main statement of the pragmatic and interactive session will be “if we want to do different things, we need to do things differently”.

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Jeroen Dhulst Portret
Jeroen D'hulst

Jeroen D’hulst is managing partner of Threon and expert consultant in guiding organizations in realizing their strategy. His focus areas are translating a strategy into a realistic and feasible roadmap, and creating the right environment for that one big transformation that cannot fail. He is passionate about the human aspect of changes!

Francis Delecluse
Francis Delecluse

Francis Delecluse has been on a lifelong quest for innovation. About two decades ago, he had the opportunity to focus on innovation within the FMCG sector when he was tasked with introducing a new culture, process, and digital tools at The Coca-Cola Company. Later, he oversaw the entire European innovation pipeline at the company, where he championed the principle of "If we don't fail, it's because we're not trying hard enough." Over the past decade, his focus has shifted towards developing new business opportunities through Sustainable Innovations. Even after leaving The Coca-Cola Company, Francis continues to assist FMCG companies in shaping their innovation strategies, organizations, and cultures.

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