ADM Reception 2020

On invitation only
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Adm Reception 2020

Jan De Schepper, Chairman of the Board, Ingrid Hoffman, General Manager, and the members of the ADM board kindly invite you to the ADM reception so we can engage in what we do best: "share and connect".

 We live in a world of fast technological change, increasingly powered by data. “The future” is already here. But what will our world and society look like in 10, 20 or 50 years?

The 2 keynote speakers at the ADM reception will take you on a time-travelling journey.

Your guides to the future:

Jan De Schepper (Chairman ADM)
Nancy Vermeulen (Private Astronaut Trainer & Space Ambassador)
Hans D’Hondt (President Executive Committee, FPS Finance)


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Plenary session


Networking Dinner

Docks Dome

Boulevard Lambermont Laan 1
1000 Brussel

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